This was a very important read for me. Recently I’ve been questioning my own work, thinking that I was getting too personal. I’ve been trying to figure out if what I’m putting out there is even relevant. But I constantly have to remind myself that there are not that many Hmong people who are willing to get personal or who are comfortable with being personal. So I want to be that one person who opens up about my experiences so that other people will realize, “Hey, I can connect with this writer, and she’s Hmong too.” And I go back to my very first publication of “The Broken Relationship With My Mother” because I got heartfelt comments about how they could relate to it. I was happy to know that I could help other Hmong womxn feel connected, to let them know that they were not alone in their feelings. Anyway, great piece you have here!

Hmong womxn | Feminist | Surviving & Healing

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