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From Mx. Vang to Baoku

When I established this Medium account about a year ago, I named myself Mx. Vang. I was using “Mx” as a political statement to interrupt heteronormativity. However, as I’ve encountered more discourse around the usages of “Mx,” I have decided to change my name to Baoku after some reflection.

For one, I do not identify within the gender nonconforming or non-binary spectrum. Although I continually work on being conscious of binary-ness, I do not want to use a classifier that does not pertain to me, as I do not live with or struggle with the experiences of the aforementioned. Additionally, “Mx” signifies being gender neutral, yet I am a cis-gender womxn: I identify with the gender that was assigned to me at birth. There are massive privileges with being cis and I personally do not believe I should take up “Mx,” but more importantly I do not have to take up “Mx” in order to continue being conscious of the injustices around me. As a cis-womxn, I’d rather not co-opt a label for which I do not embody.

Resultantly, I have chosen the name Baoku > Npuas Kub > Golden Bubble. It is the name that my maternal grandmother wanted to name me, but instead my parents chose another name. My paternal families call me by my legal name and my maternal families call me Baoku. In American terms, one could say Baoku is a nickname of sorts.

Baoku, to me, symbolizes the other half of me (in my Gemini duality) who seeks to voice the thoughts of the me who cannot express them or fears expressing them. In retrospect, my two names are a coincidental blessing.

As I flesh out the politics around “Mx” and continue to learn and grow, I appreciate the support and understanding from my fellow readers.

Hmong womxn | Feminist | Surviving & Healing

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